Previous Gatherings

Beltane Gathering – Paddington Farm, Glastonbury

7-17th May (10 nights)

Calling faeries, queer spirits, gay witches, faggot farmers, drag druids, walkers between worlds, Ritual queens, tricksters, heart circlers, faerie newbies, wild womxn, hippies, new age enbies, pagans, lesbian lightworkers, femmes, activists, transgender priestesses, ecofeminists, genderqueers, shapeshifters… and whoever else you are!

We gather around Beltane to co-create in nature at the height of spring. We have the use of a beautiful meadow for camping, a farmhouse for indoor accommodation, workshop spaces, a small woodland and two fire pits, and a large kitchen.We wish to create a safer space together to open our hearts, feel connected to each other and the land and love around us. The gathering is intended as a journey best experienced for the duration so we ask that people come for the full ten days wherever possible.


READ THE FULL CAL HERE: Beltane 2024- Spring Love Awakening Gathering | Radical Faeries of Albion (

Queer Earth Resistance School: Seeding Gathering

April 11th – April 18th at Anybody’s Barn in Worcestershire.
Faerinized by Carnelian & Greenheart. There are 15 places available.
The Call: Calling fairy community builders, abolitionists, radical permaculturists, warriors in the class war, and those who are searching for a deeper community rooted in climate repair. To those who have passion for reimagining collective care, community, responsibility, for decolonising our planet and ourselves. To those with a passion for the collective over the pursuit of the self in the age of Aquarius.


Ostara Gathering – Featherstone Castle

12-21 March 2024 (9 nights)

Imbolc Gathering – Glastonbury

29th Jan to 6th Feb 2024 (7 nights)

Samhain Gathering at Featherstone Castle

17-26 October 2023

READ THE CALL HERE Registration opens 6 September 7pm, link in the call.

Magic Gathering

September 2023

Sussex Gathering

Balcombe, East Sussex
Saturday 17th June – Saturday 24th June 2023

Spring Love Awakening Gathering at Paddington Farm

4-14 May 2023

Spring Ostara Gathering

Featherstone Castle, Northumberland
14th – 23rd March 2023

Imbolc – Glastonbury

Friday 27th January to Monday the 6th February 2023

Autumn 22

Spring Love Awakening – Glastonbury 2022

FeathersHOME: Autumn 21 Home to the HEART

Featherstone Castle, Northumberland
12 – 21st October 2021

Covid Recovery And Simultaneous Camping

17th – 24th of May / 24th of May – 31 May

Spring Love Awakening Gathering (SLAG)

Paddington Farm
15 th to 25th May 2020 CANCELLED

Summer Gathering

Featherstone Castle 
4th to 13th August 2020 CANCELLED

Samhain Gathering

Featherstone Castle  13th to 22 nd October 2020 ALSO CANCELLED!

Samhain Gathering – Featherstone Castle  15 – 24 October 2019

Faerie Camp at Queer Spirit Festival – Northamptonshire  August 14-18 2019

Coming HOME Healing Retreat – Derbyshire  25 Feb – 4 March 2019

Spring Love Awakening – Glastonbury       May 19 – 24 2019

OSTARA GATHERING at Featherstone Castle March 19 – 26 2019

Magic Gathering – Gloucestershire             April 24-28 2019

Spring Love Awakening – Glastonbury       May 19 – 24 2019

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