Newsletter Guidelines

Suggested Guidelines for how we communicate using our Newsletter and Blog


  • The Albion Faerie Newsletter is sent out as and when required to communicate information and events in Albion & beyond to those radical faeries that have subscribed. We currently have an active subscription list of 900+.
  • There are a few faeries, involved with the Steward Circles, that currently have access to the Mailchimp newsletter system and able to upload posts to the Blog
  • This simple guide is presented with love to help us make best use of the Newsletter and Blog whilst safeguarding the subscribers and give some guidance to help current and future Newsletter/Blog faeries. To keep this guide to a minimum, we have not included all hypothetical situations. It’s concise and dynamic – it will change over time to fit our agreed community needs

Here we go…

  • Any Radical Faerie can request to have an item included in the newsletter that might be of interest to those in Albion. The item could be about a faerie event, something inspirational, or…
  • To submit an item email or fill in the form at
  • An accompanying image and a link to the event on is strongly encouraged.
  • We are a community that thrives on taking individual and collective responsibility with creating safer spaces for us all. It is strongly encouraged that items include a reference to the author or person organising the event and an address of the location. If it is not possible to provide an address, then some clear means of contact will generally be needed.
  • Items must not be sexist; homophobic; transphobic; racist; ableist; include anything personally directed in a negative way at another person or illegal.
  • If any item is very long, then the newsletter faerie might make contact to request shorter content which could include a hyperlink to a longer blog post or elsewhere.
  • In general, a newsletter faerie does not have any editorial control over what is included within the newsletter or blog post. But they might offer, but can not insist, to edit an item to help make it more readable, accessible or accurate.
  • Newsletter faeries will coordinate together as best suits them, but may let the other newsletter faeries know they are planning to send a newsletter out.
  • Newsletter faeries have a responsibility for the community to not send inappropriate content.
  • A newsletter faerie is under no obligation to include an item that for any reason they feel uncomfortable about. In such circumstances, the author may be asked to change their item. If the author is not willing to change it, the newsletter faerie will flag the item and forward the request to another newsletter faerie who will consider sending the item.

Please encourage Radical Faeries to make use of the newsletter and blog creatively to help us grow and thrive together.

November 2020 : attached in the Newsletter Channel in the Slack : v1

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