Featherstone Castle

  • March 19 – 26, 2019 – Featherstone Castle
    Ostara Gathering

* Please note that you can arrive any time after midday on the 19th and stay for as long as you wish up to midday on the 26th

A Radical Faerie gathering is first and foremost a collaborative effort. It is made up of what each of us brings; physical, mental, energetic, planned and spontaneous, aware and unaware. We the organisers, ask that you think about what you might bring with you, both as gift/offering and as baggage/exploration. All are welcome in their entirety. However the more you share the more you get and the better everyone’s gathering is (the only exception to this are virus’s and infectious illnesses which we are happy for you to be mean & selfish about and keep to yourself).
At a Featherstone gathering everyone is an organiser, the team will have the basics of the castle ready for you when you arrive, then it is for all of us as a tribe to enjoy  creating, decorating, cleaning, feeding and enlivening our home. A guiding principle is that, if you see something that needs doing, feel free to do it, and if you don’t know how then simply ask other Faeries to help you or show you how, so is love made manifest.

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