Featherstone Castle

Featherstone Castle


15-24 March 2022

Featherstone castle

The Call

Yoo Hoo queer spirits, gay witches, flower children, faggot farmers, treehuggers, sacred boundry crossers, drag creatures, gatekeepers, ceremonial queens, tricksters, wild womxn, hippies, new age enbies, pagans, lesbian lightworkers, activists, sissy shamans, transgender priestessses, ecofeminists, genderqueers, walkers between worlds, rainbow warriors and whoever else you are! 

The Radical Faeries of Albion are gathering at the legendary Featherstone Castle, in Northumberland for 10 days of connection, celebration and care. 

Join us from March 15th to the 24th to mark the Spring Equinox and welcome in a season of wellness and empowerment.

Expect transformational drag, revolutionary rituals, nourishing entertainment, and heart centered opportunities for growth, release, togetherness and rebirth all in the spirit of co-creation. What you bring, adds to what you get. All of this in a castle, the oldest tower of which is from 700 years ago, and space to frolic in the hills situated between the Pennines and the Scottish Uplands on the banks of the River Tyne

When we gather together as queer spirits, as radical faeries, we are blessed to share sacred and profound space to manifest what is in our hearts as individuals and as a collective. This time of year was of great significance for the ancestors of this land, with the earth warming up, to sow their seeds for the harvests that would sustain them throughout the rest of the year. In honour of this tradition we are dedicating the gathering to Ostara, the Germanic goddess of spring and fertility, and all her sister goddesses around the world. Our invitation is to think of what seeds you’d like to sow in your life for future harvest.

For many, this may be your first gathering in faerie space, for others a welcomed return. We wish to acknowledge that to date gatherings have been attended by mostly people of white or European descent and people who are assigned as male at birth whose primary attraction is to men. We know the Radical Faeries to be an identity that is available to claim by anyone, and in many ways can not be defined. In the spirit of this diversity, we wish to welcome in people who do not identify as white and those of other marginalised genders and identities. A quarter of spaces will be reserved for individuals who self-identify as such on the booking form. 

The cost of this gathering will be £30 per faerie, per night (£23 for castle rent, £7 for food and other expenses, firewood etc). If you plan on coming for the full 10 days, the cost will be £300. Radical Faeries, in the spirit of radical transparency, we need to share with you our concerns that if we do not expect to meet our costs, this gathering may not go ahead and there could be an impact on future Featherstone gatherings. When booking your place, we ask you to pledge the amount that you are able to pay for the gathering so that we can plan accordingly. 

As faeries we are radical in our approach of No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds (NOTAFLOF) – we want you to come and we don’t want financial hierarchies to prevent your spirit from joining us! This means that if you genuinely cannot afford to pay the £30 a night, you are encouraged to pay what you can; the deficit will be made up by the generosity of other faeries – a wonderful initiative that we must treat with the utmost respect. We encourage the principle of GAYABAGS (Give As You’re Able But Always Give Something). We also have the ADAFAE policy (Additional Donations And Finance Accepted Enthusiastically), if you can give more than the suggested daily donation please do and share your love! Further information about payments will follow when the booking form is live, but we encourage you to start squirrelling away those £ now.

As the initiators and facilitators bringing this gathering into being, we wish to honour your trust in our service to the community. We are committed to considering accessibility (both visible and invisible disabilities, sensitivities and needs), inclusion of people of marginalised identities, safety around covid-19, consent and communication, conflict resolution and accountability and the use of substances. We are having discussions around this and will communicate in future emails. Please respond to this email if you have access concerns for us to consider and enter dialogue with you around.

Look out for our future emails where we’ll introduce a bit more about the intention of the gathering, who and what Radical Faeries might be, tell you about heart circles, ask for help and talk about wellness. 

Book your place.

Join in the conversation on Faenet – great place to sort out lift shares

Yours in love, 

Egglet (they/them), Egret (he/him), Epiphany (they/he), Sameesí (she/her), Softy (he/him), Thunder (he/him) and Trash Panda (they/them).

Information about The Castle

Featherstone Castle lies in the stunning Northumberland countryside. The Castle is vast and atmospheric with real fires, cosy rooms for heart circles, a magnificent ballroom for dancing, mysterious nooks and crannies, a drag space and an excellent kitchen. Featherstone Castle is near to Hadrian’s Wall and close to Haltwhistle, centre of the sacred Isle of Albion.

  • Log fires
  • Vegetarian Feasts
  • Country walks
  • Heart Circles
  • Community and companionship
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Healing
  • Dancing and drumming
  • A place to play

All meals will be vegetarian and vegan. The castle can be cold so bring slippers and snugly things. Bring along bed sheets, pillow case and a sleeping bag. Also bring warm clothing, outdoor clothes, walking boots and a torch.

A Radical Faerie gathering is first and foremost a collaborative effort .This is your shared co-created community event. Along with the all the tons of fun and partying that you will undoubtedly have, contributions towards helping keeping the gathering running smoothly are much appreciated. This can include assistance in cooking meals, running workshops, chopping wood for the fires and keeping the castle – your home for the week – clean throughout the gathering. And for every new adventure you are involved in, the drag room offers you a new outfit every time!

Featherstone castle has some cosy rooms with cheery fires and warm people, but there are draughty corridors and rooms which can get quite chilly.  So bring warm clothes just in case!

There are loads of beds available but you will need to bring your own bedding; a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets.  There are pillows but you will want to bring your own pillowcase.

There are several nice baths and numerous showers at the castle. Lots of hot water is generally always available and a relaxing soak is highly recommended.  Bring a towel or two and any toiletries you need.

If you feel like dressing up, bring some fancy clothes, wigs, make-up and whatever else inspires you.  If you have fun and fabulous things to share we will have a drag room where people can root around in other folks cast off’s.

We will hold an auction to help raise money to support the gathering so if you are able to, please bring something to donate for the auction or think of a service you may be able to offer.

Some other things you might like to bring…

  • decorations for the castle (fabric, lights, art etc)
  • musical instrument
  • a flash-light
  • book to read
  • games to play
  • Walking boots/wellies
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Warm clothing!
  • A towel and soap
  • An electric radiator or heater (if you can)
  • Cash (for items in the auction & if you are paying for the gathering with cash)
  • Bed sheets and duvet (if you have the space)
    If not… a sleeping bag will do you fine! Everyone has a bed and mattress. 
  • There will be an altar for any items of special meaning you wish to bring
  • Hot water bottle
  • Lube and condoms for the Love Temple
  • Art supplies (to contribute to the Art room)
  • If you plan performances, the music that needs to be played (on a device/memory stick)
  • Make up, nail art supplies, accessories, shoes, etc.
    Little instruments (Kalimba’s, shaking eggs, etc.)
  • Sturdy boots and gloves (if you’re wood pigging!)

If you have further questions you can contact us via our contact page

Featherstone Castle is located in Northumberland, England.  It’s just outside the town of Haltwhistle and close to Harridan’s Wall. It is reached easily by train from Carlisle or Newcastle.

Where is the castle? 

Featherstone Castle,
Hall Bank,
NE49 0JG

Location on Google maps

Folks will be coming from all over Europe and we encourage you to share your journey.
If you’d like to find travel companions our event page on Facebook is a great place to seek them out: Facebook page and often gatherings will assist.

  • By air:  Easy links from all European countries.  Take a flight direct to Newcastle or Newcastle via London if coming from further afield.  Then take a train to Haltwhistle.
  • By train: Train to Carlise or Newcastle.  Then change for Haltwhistle.  We suggest you book your train tickets as soon as you can, prices rise dramatically closer to the travel date.
  • By car: Featherstone Castle is three miles south-west of Haltwhistle on the A69

Taxi Options:

Taxis can be tricky and we suggest you pre-book in advance. Below is a list of the most reliable.

  1. Haydonbridge Taxi +44 (0)1434 671197
  2. Sproul Taxi +44 (0)7712 321064
  3. Diamond Taxi +44 (0)7957 641222

You are free to arrive at the castle from noon on the starting day. On the last day of the gathering, we must all be away from the castle by noon.

If you have further questions you can contact us via our contact page

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