Camping in the Faerie Field at Paddington Farm

17th -31st of May

Paddington Farm Campsite in Glastonbury is finally re-opening on the 17th May. As we have been unable to have our annual gatherings there for 2 years they have offered the faeries exclusive use of the initial two weeks of the campsite being open, which are Mon 17 – Mon 31 May.

For any Faerie who feels ready at this stage of moving out of lockdown there is the opportunity to camp with other Faeries at the farm for either or both weeks. The site faerie field has space for 30 faeries to camp.

The indoor accommodation at the farm is not available so this will be camping only. You will need to bring your own bedding & tent or live-in vehicle. 

To ensure that the campsite is exclusively for Faerie use the farm will not be taking bookings directly but bookings are to be made using the faenet portal.

We hope we can cook together in small groups, we can agree the details of how we use the kitchen when we gather. It might be an idea to club together and buy some bulk wholefoods and fresh food to stock the kitchen for the duration of our stay. We could also club together and buy some firewood. If you would like to take part in this then please add an additional amount and transfer this to the faerie bank account in advance.

We are planning a budget of £119 per faerie per week:

  • £10 per night – camping, hot showers, the camp kitchen and barn covered area.
  • £2 per day covers use of an indoor classroom space.
  • £4 a day for food
  • £1 for firewood

If you cannot afford the full amount for camping then do not be put off booking, please pay what you can by indicating in the box. It is very likely that you will still be able to camp. There is a box to add additional donations to help any fae unable to afford the site fees. Please give generously if you are able and this way a revitalizing wave of giving, generosity and abundance can move through the community. 

Please note that it is not certain what the exact relevant health legislation and rules will be by 17th of May, however the campsite is expected to be able to reopen fully. By booking to use the campsite then you agree to comply with any applicable legislation which may include, but not limited to, limits of social group sizes, social distancing and correct use PPE where appropriate. If the campsite cannot open for any reason, then any monies paid into the faerie account will be refunded in full. 

While it may not be possible to centrally organize a full gathering at this stage, perhaps this simultaneous use of the campsite provides us an opportunity to come together and create solutions from the individual and community level, from a bottom up rather than top down organisational pattern. Something the faeries have always been excellent at doing! 

Bookings are now open

There is a Faenet event where we will be discussing practicalities about the camp. If you want to join in you will need a Faenet account and you can find the group at

See you in the Faerie Field

Paddington Farm is a charitable trust and a social enterprise, located on a 43 acre organic farm situated at the foot of the famous Glastonbury Tor in Somerset.

Below is a idea of how gatherings are during normal times.

We are doing our best to adhere to all COVID guidelines and regulations so some or all of this may not happen!

Food is shared and included; vegetarian / vegan meals so consider giving some time to this. If you have dietary requirements then these can be indicated on the form.

If you have never been to a faerie gathering before you may be wondering just what exactly happens!  The answer is…it depends!

Each gathering is unique and a creation of the individuals that are there.  The particular activities and experiences can vary from one gathering to the next (indeed, from one minute to the next sometimes!)

That said there are things that are quite likely to happen…
Heart circles – a special opportunity to share and listen from the heart.  The profound openness that Heart Circle allows and the deep connections fostered there have made it one of the central and defining practices of Radical Faerie culture.

Food –  each day we we will cook together and share delicious vegan / vegetarian meals prepared in the long house kitchen. Different teams will take on the task of preparing lunch and dinner each day. If you would like to be the head chef for a meal, or just want to help chop the vegetables, there will be plenty of opportunities.

All of the food provided for the event is vegetarian, with vegan options where possible.  If you have any special dietary needs we’ll do our best to accommodate them.  Let us know about any dietary restrictions on the booking form and make sure your needs are listed on the board in the kitchen at the event itself. If you’d like to bring any special foods we’ll be happy to provide space to store them for you.

Various tasks that need to be done every day as well; washing dishes, setting tables, sweeping up, chopping wood etc.  A great mantra is “if you see something that needs doing, why not be the one to do it!”

As well as that there will be an assortment of happenings… that  may or may not include workshops, rituals, dancing, drumming, theatricality, music, art, sexuality, sensuality, card games, rumpuses, fancy dress and dresses, silence, solitude, serenity, chaos, noise, drama.  Whatever else happens, we can guarantee that there will be magic!

Most of all we look forward to a wonderful gathering of lovely people sharing talents and time, sharing and enjoying each others company.

Paddington Farm is working organic farm at the foot of Glastonbury Tor.

The accommodation is spread over several buildings with some uneven and muddy paths. There is also a campsite and at warmer gatherings you are welcome to camp.

This can make it difficult for some people to get around safely and comfortably.  If you have any concerns or particular needs regarding this (or any other issue) please let us know in advance.  We’ll try to make sure that people who need them get rooms that best meet their requirements.

You can find out more about the farm from their website Paddington Farm

Paddington Farm, about 30 min walk from Glastonbury and accessible by bus and driving.

Some parts of the venue may be challenging for those with accessibility needs. For example the farm can be dark at night, the path to the woods is often muddy, some of the paths around the farm site are a little uneven and there are steps up to the dorms in the farmhouse. If you have any accessibility needs please indicate this on the form.

Location: Paddington Farm, Glastonbury, Somerset

You can arrive any time after 4pm on the starting day and stay for as long as you wish up to 11am on the departure day.

The address is  Paddington Farm Trust, Maidencroft Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8JN. You can view the castle location on Google maps

There are many modes of transport which can get you there and we encourage you to share your journey if you can.  If you’d like to find travel companions / car share you may wish to put a note on the Facebook page.  You can also mention this when booking.

We can often pick you up from Glastonbury centre if you let us know in advance.

By Train – Trains from London, Paddington Station, run to Bristol or Taunton. You will then need to get to Glastonbury by bus etc (see below.)  With UK  trains booking in advance can often give you large savings on the price.

By Bus – Berrys coaches have services that run from many places to Glastonbury centre.

National Express and Mega Bus also run services to Bristol and from Bristol there is generally a local bus service to Glastonbury which takes around 1¼ hours.

Taxis –  We strongly advice that you book a taxi before you leave. Trotta’s and JJ’s are two well known companies.
Trotta’s 07879 333020       JJ’s  07977 904064

Driving – please approach the farm from the west via Brindham lane. Directions from the M25 are below:

  • Leave the M25 at junction 12 and take the M3 west.
  • Leave the M3 at junction 8 and take the A 303.
  • From the A 303 take the Wincanton turn and head along the A371 for Castle Cary and Shepton Mallet.
  • Go through Castle Cary and past the Bath and West Showground. 
  • Eventually turn off left at a very new roundabout to Pilton and Glastonbury, on the A 361. This continues on a road to the right, immediately after the roundabout. 
  • Go through Pilton and West Penard and get to the Welcome to Glastonbury sign on your left. Not far after this, on the right, is a small turning to Wick. 
  • Turn right and follow the wick lane which becomes Brindham Lane.
  • Immediately after Middlewick Holiday Cottages on your left., on the sharp right corner is the left turn to Maidencroft Farm (next to a bungalow called Greenlands).
  • Go up the drive and park in the main gravel car park.

If you have further questions you can contact us at

Please note that whilst the organisers of this event take reasonable care to provide a safe environment for you, the circumstances of the event and the nature of the activities is such that people will often try out new activities or take risks which the organisers can not foresee.

As a participant you assume responsibility for your own safety and should exercise due care.  By choosing to attend this event we will assume you understand and accept this.

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