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Summer Solstice Gathering

🧚🏿‍♂️ Yoo-Hoo, sweet Faeries! 🧚🏻‍♀️

We are so so excited to (re) announce the Gender Minority Gathering happening this Summer! Thank you to the faerinisers and the community for bearing with us while birthing this new faeby
❤️‍🔥 We are so happy we found a new venue that will bring the right energy to our gathering ✨

Please find the details below and visit the link attached for the details of the call.

Registration opens at 7pm today, the 16th of May for Faeries of Colour for the amazing, unique, first Gender Minority Gathering! If you identify as a gender minority faerie of colour, just follow this link and prepare yourself to be bathed in transcendent summer magic:

The general registration for every other gender minority faery will open on the 18th of May at 7pm, so be ready!

Summer Transcendence 2024
Summer Solstice Gathering – “ABUNDANCE!”
Where : Paddington Farm, Glastonbury
When : 16th – 24th June 2024

Come transgender spirits, gender non conforming bodies, intersex inspirers, non-binary beings, a-gender wonders, queer women warriors, questioning cuties. It is our time to drop the masks we wear and blossom together.

Please feel free to contact with any questions


15-19 August, Bridwell Park, Devon – Rad Fae from Albion and other parts of the globe will be creating, playing and loving at the 5th Queer Spirit Festival, where hundreds of magical, spiritual queers will be gathering to celebrate life, love, nature, community, creativity, spirit!

READ MORE HERE: Exploring LGBTQI+ music, spirituality, sexuality, healing & personal growth – Queer Spirit

Autumn Gatherings at Featherstone Castle

There are 2 gatherings at Featherstone this autumn:

Radical Love Gathering October 1st-10th

Samhain Gathering October 15th-24th

checkout the Featherstone page for more information.

Imbolc Gathering – Glastonbury

27th Jan to 5th Feb 2025

Hold the date!

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