Local Events

In light of the current circumstances lots of Faeries are organizing online gatherings to support our community.

Global Online Non-Talent Show – Facebook page

Global Daily Heart Circle via Zoom

There is a very comprehensive list being maintained in the Faenet Wiki of a variety of different offerings. You will need to log in with your faenet account details. Online faerie offerings on Faenet

If you know of any online offering or activities please get in touch and we can add them.

Brighton Radical Faeries

Find out what is going on in Brighton on our Facebook Page or contact brightonfaerie@gmail.com

London Radical Faeries

Drum Circles

Wheatsheaf Hall, Wheatsheaf Lane, London SW8 2UP

DRUM CIRCLES HAVE RETURNED TO THE WHEATSHEAF HALL! The Beltane Full Moon 2022 brought 60+ queer spirits together for an ecstatic return home to the Hall on May 14th after a two year break while the Wheatsheaf was used as a covid test centre. We’ve been meeting most months since, welcoming new people and building connections…


April 8th. June 3.

More Spring/Summer dates at other locations will be announced via albionfaerie email list. Sign up on the homepage.

September 2. September 30. October 28. November 25.

December 21 Winter Solstice Circle

There are lots of drums and percussion to play with, the drum circle is a free flow space in which you are welcome to drum, dance and socialise as you wish. We arrive from 7pm to set up, and it is recommended to arrive by 8pm for the circle casting. You are welcome to bring any instruments along, plus snacks/drinks to share, and if possible £5 donation towards costs. As with all faerie events, payment is not insisted on – NOTAFLOF applies: No-One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds.

Read more: healing power of the drum

Midlands Radical Faeries & Queer Spirts

Radical Faeries North West

There are Radical Faeries in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Chester… and more!

We hold monthly Heart Circles if we can, and also socially gather.

We also have a group for Trans/Non-Binary/Questioning-specific Heart Circles. Please join our main Facebook group and ask for details if this interests you!

I believe if we Faeries act consciously within our decisions, compassionately within our actions and truthfully within our words then we can pass our time in this manifested consciousness as one integrated dance of the divine. Our illusions of separateness are not our birth right. They are the subtle energies at play that seek to divide and diffuse our energetic connectivity. As we eat and drink, dance and sing, fuck and play it is the same energy that passes through all things. Let us celebrate the rediscovery of this queer tribal consciousness and enthuse our words, actions, thoughts, and feelings with love, compassion and truth. Let us use our words as we would our hands in Faerie space; to knit together our community with softness, openness, exploitative, nurturing, kindness, depth, lightness, healing together so we may continue to shine light into the darkest parts of our lives and lead each other, brothers and sisters, home again.

Wood Pigeon

An online space of fabulousness for the Radical Faeries of old Albion.