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This is a private and secure social media site built by and managed by Radical Faeries.

Here you can connect with faeries from all over the globe, and find out the latest events and gatherings too!

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The Facebook group is called Radical Faerie UK. There are more regional Facebook groups on the Local Events Page.

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The Albion Faerie Slack Workspace has various different channels:

  • Gathering and Events Circle
  • Comms Circle
  • Moot
  • Newsletter
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Circle
  • Albion Faerie Website
  • General chat

It is a fantastic space to organise gatherings, and is used by many of the core co-organising teams.

If you would like to join, you will need to be invited by your email address, send a request to:

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Discussion Board

An online space of fabulousness for the Radical Faeries of old Albion.