Queer Earth Resistance School

Queer Earth Resistance School: Seeding Gathering

The Call
Calling fairy community builders, abolitionists, radical permaculturists, warriors in the class war, and those who are searching for a deeper community rooted in climate repair. To those who have passion for reimagining collective care, community, responsibility, for decolonising
our planet and ourselves. To those with a passion for the collective over the pursuit of the self in the age of Aquarius.

We have a vision of a new organisation, defined by a shared decolonial politic and collectivist intention. Primarily this organisation has three arms:
● Teaching and education- Skill sharing and development in everything from foraging to class-consciousness, both within ourselves and extending into the wider community. We are building a community that supports and facilitates consciousness raising in all its forms, where we are all each other’s teachers and bring our knowledge and gifts to share.
● Community building – constructing and reimagining robust community support, building networks of mutual aid that extend both within and without. Our firm intention is that we will have a piece of land to cultivate, cherish and live on to support this work.
● Spiritual growth, to take up the call of our pre-colonised queer ancestors as healers, teachers and leaders. We believe we can build a container that allows us to step up into a queer decolonial calling, to hold each other with love and accountability to our healing and to step into our true power. We believe that there is an urgency to lay a new foundation for these actions, and we invite you to help us build it! At this Gathering, we will be working together to organise, ritualise and begin planting the seeds of these intentions; to world build and develop the collective that we are calling the Queer Earth Resistance School.

This is not a gathering for hedonism, but rather to come together in order to build what we need: to realise the full potential of our
love, gifts and commitment in order to manifest a new community consciousness.

When and where?
It will be held at Anybody’s Barn in Worcestershire, from April 11th – April 18th. There are 15 places available.

Is this the right gathering for me?
If this is the kind of community you are looking for, we would love to speak to you. In the lineage of gatherings such as Faerie Sex Magic or Radical Rest, application for this Gathering includes a Zoom call with us to get to know you more, hear about your desires and intentions for this organisation and discuss whether this is the right gathering for you- so
if you’re unsure, get in touch!

If you have skills or interests in the following, we would love to hear from you (this list is only the tip of the iceberg):

  • Community organising
  • Food sovereignty & Permaculture
  • How to create/maintain clothing (these skills could include knitting, stitching,
    crocheting etc)
  • Medicine making
  • Foraging
  • Tools for healing (ranging from massage to reiki, to tarot, to therapy etc)
  • How to host ceremony and ritual for healing the Earth
  • How to make money/raise funds & the tools needed to do this
  • Some form of physical training, basic self defence
  • First aid
  • How we can provide/produce non-food related needs, e.g. toothpaste, soap, detergent, cleaning supplies. How do we make these in a world with no supermarkets?
    Substance policy
    This gathering is not intended to be a partying or hedonistic space, as such we only welcome substances for intensional ritual or medicinal use. In keeping with our vision of collective care and community responsibility, we also emphasise a need for discretion even under these circumstances.
    There is a short uneven path from the carpark to the main building, with 4 steps to the front door. 2 out of the 5 dorm rooms and all group spaces are on the ground floor with 3 small steps to the main group room. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible. All access points to the Barn include an uneven gravel pathway and a few wooden or stone
    steps into the building. Three of the bunk rooms are on the first floor. There are four steps up to the workshop studio.
    We would encourage you to come for the whole gathering. We will prioritise those that can attend for the whole gathering over bookings of just a few nights.
    Please inform the organisers as soon as possible if for any reason you have to cancel. This is so we can offer your place to others should there be a waiting list. You can do this via emailing qers.info@gmail.com
    One reason our gatherings are radical is the principle of No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds (NOTAFLOF) meaning they are open to all regardless of financial capacity, without justification.
    As faeries we are radical in our approach of NOTAFLOF – we want you to come, and we don’t want financial hierarchies to prevent you from joining us! This means that if you genuinely cannot afford to pay the break-even amount, you are encouraged to pay what you can; the deficit will (hopefully) be made up by the generosity of other faeries. We encourage the principle of GAYABAGS (Give As You’re Able But Always Give Something), embracing a monetary energetic exchange for everyone. If you can afford to pay an extra donation over your gathering fee, this is how NOTAFLOF works to balance the books. If you can give more than the suggested daily donation, please do so! We have to pay for the venue, for our food and all essential gathering costs.
    Venue cost = £1440 for 7 nights
    = £96 per person
  • £5 per person per day for food
    =£131 per person to break even.
    Bookings will go live at midday on January 28th.
  • Please register using this form.
    If you have any questions, please contact us at qers.info@gmail.com
    We look forward to forging a future with you!
    With love and solidarity,
    Carnelian & Greenheart

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