Drum Circles

Drum circles are sacred spaces and meetings where we get to check in with our community; drum, dance and celebrate. You can check here for updates and information on any future drum circles planned by the Albion Faeries.

The Drum Circle:

We gather – form a circle,
Call the elements and ancestors,
Come to a place of stillness and connection,
Pick up the drums, rattles, bells and other instruments,
And let the rhythms roll, our bodies move and our spirits shine,

Drum circles are spaces in which faeries express and release emotion, energise our intentions and explore our connections, raise our spirits and shift consciousness. We come together to heal, to en-lighten and to support each other on life’s journey of growth and discovery.

Come and join us.

You can read more about drum circles and their history here…

The radical faeries hold regular drum circles and are currently meeting in Vauxhall, London SW8 2UP.   We also hold circles in Brighton.

Email for more details and to sign up for regular notifications via faerieuk@googlemail.com or specifically for Brighton at brightonfaerie@gmail.com

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