Decolonial Action

Decolonial Action – Radical Community Building and Recovering the Self

with Carnelian

Unlock decolonial wisdom! 10-week course empowers you to break free from carceral capitalism and build radical community.

Do you want to make meaningful change in your community but have no idea where to start?

Do you feel passionately about decolonial struggle and liberation for all?

Do you feel overwhelmed with climate anxiety, rising fascism and poverty?

Do you feel an urgency to action trapped inside capitalist compliance?

Are you seeking to learn how to uncover your true self beyond the inherited societal and cultural conditioning of these times?

This course will enlighten how colonialism affects every area of our lives and how to begin the work of decolonising the self and our environment, becoming reconnected with ourselves, our communities and our world.

The atrocity of colonisation lies at the heart of all oppressive systems on our planet, from the genocide of the P@L3$t1an people to Climate crisis, to growing Fascist power across the globe. Not only in how it has shaped our global infrastructure of consumption, but in its core wound of stripping every corner of the planet from its indigenous culture, equating the values of living with honour and reverence in connection to our own land, as to savagery. We are imprisoned by its legacy, dependent on the systems of globalised capitalism to provide us with food, clothes and goods from tens of thousands of miles away, decimating the land and poisoning our once biodiverse landscapes. These methods leave the world and ourselves bare and barren.

And how can we use our energy to resist when we are working beyond exhaustion, forcing the endless loop of convenience consumption to compensate for the weariness of our wage slavery. The rising cost of living is imprisoning so many of us in poverty that we are chained to working longer and harder than at any previous point in human history. The coloniser never lost their slaves, they only built a system that renders the whip invisible.

The work of repairing ourselves, the structure of our communities and the planet lies in the decolonisation of who we are and our collective home: Earth. It is only through true decolonial practice, adhering to the wisdom of our pre-colonial lineage to retrieve our power from the clutches of carceral capitalism. From the return of land to rightful indigenous ownership to unpicking of our day to day enmeshment to imperialist power, the work of decolonisation is urgent for all our survival.

But How do we do it?

What does it truly mean to “decolonise” and where do we start?

How do we learn from pre-colonial cultures without appropriation?

How do we build different kinds of communities?

What practices can we use to connect to our pre-colonial past in order to build a decolonial future?

How do we free ourselves and our communities from the cycles of carceral capitalism?

This 10 week online course breaks down the process. As we explore practical strategies for decolonial community building, breaking free from carceral capitalism and recovering the self, we will learn how to:

Recognise how colonial legacy functions and how to reorient from individualism to communal ownership

Understand the difference between liberal, appropriative politics and true decolonial repair

Reconnect with the land through pre-colonial community permacultural practices to feed ourselves, work less, rest more, and fight fascism.

Develop practical community building skills to redistribute community labour & resources

Decolonise our relationships with healthier boundaries, non-violent communication & sustainable systems of community care

Build anti-carceral systems of justice within our communities that nourish community strength

Divest from reliance of capitalist infrastructure in health, food, clothes and resources whilst centering accessibility to the most marginalised

Rest, recover and resist!

With live Zoom classes, 1-1 sessions, practical materials in both audio and written form; this course is designed to arm you with deep theoretical understanding and practical tools to continue to develop independently and become a seed of change in your own community.

This course is run on a donation basis. In order to provide fair accessibility, we operate a NOTAFLOF policy (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds). The suggested donation for the full course of 10 weeks is €200 for those who are financially stable. If you are blessed with affluence and are able to pay it forward by donating extra, we encourage you to do so as this supports wider access to this integral work and helps dismantle one of the colonisers ideals of financial privilege.

Please join us, heal yourself and help turn the tides towards nurturing the growth of our world.

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