Spring Love Awakening 21

th – th of May – Spring Love Awakening

We wanted to go ahead with the gathering but it is hard to know if this will be possible yet. We have booked the farm and will see what happens.

With Love and Solidarity
The SLAG team

Gathering details

Vision – Spring Love Awakening Gathering (SLAG) holds Love at its heart as the most powerful and fundamental force of creation. We aim to create space where we can live a little bit more in Love, nourish ourselves and fill each other up so we can manifest a reality more aligned with Love.  We invite feelings of Love and honouring for ourselves, for each other, for the brilliance of Nature and the Earth and all of Life’s journey in its darkness and light.

Intentions – The intentions of the gathering are to create a space where we feel safe and trusting to open our hearts that bit more, a space where Love can grow and a space that supports our personal and collective development. We endeavor that the magic of gathering can allow us to feel more whole, held and connected and that we will be able to bathe in the Love, Joy and Strength of Being Together. 

Areas of focus – The intended focus is on heart circles, activities, workshops, intimacy, consent and conscious techniques that help us Lovingly grow. We have many amazing skills collectively and we honour these through an open invitation to share skills, hold space and offer workshops and activities.  

Celebrating inclusivity & diversity – We welcome all to gather who come in a spirit of acceptance and community growth. We hold an intention that the gathering is a safe space for the exploration of our differences as well as that which unites us. To this end, we will seek to work together to bring to life active consent, clear boundaries and mutual respect. Please bring and share your skills and practices.

Substance-free – We seek to create an environment where we can be sensitive and present with each other, where we can learn and grow, where we can engage with ourselves & each other openly. With this in mind, there is an invitation not to use alcohol or intoxicating substances at the gathering.

Contributing practically – Faerie gatherings are Love in Action through community and co-creation.  As usual, we all share in kitchen activities to produce the delicious communal vegetarian meals that nourish us.  Also we encourage you to join a gathering team in order to facilitate smooth and stylish running of the gathering. The teams have a practical base function but also allow us to support and hold each other through the journey. The aim here is that the core team can focus on setting the stage for the gathering, providing vision, coordination, and guidance.

Venue & access needs – The gathering is at Paddington Farm, a working organic farm about a mile outside the town of Glastonbury, close by the famous Tor and White Spring, offering a range of indoor accommodation and camping areas. We will be using indoor and outdoor facilities, including a wood fire sauna, a barn, a geodome and a woodland area. Please be mindful that the farm can be challenging for those with physical access needs. It helps us, if you can provide needs information on your booking form (or get in touch with one of us before booking to talk more).

We hope you hear and resonate with this call, and look forward to welcoming each other home to the Spring.

Love from the Spring Love Awakening core organising team

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