Covid Recovery And Simultaneous Camping

17th – 24th of May / 24th of May – 31 May

Gathering details

CRASCE – Covid Recovery And Simultaneous Camping

Faerie Camping at Paddington farm.

Paddington Farm Campsite in Glastonbury is finally re-opening on the 17th May.

As we have been unable to have our annual gatherings there for 2 years then they have offered the faeries exclusive use of the initial two weeks of the campsite being open, which are Mon 17 – Mon 31 May.

For any Faerie who feels ready at this stage of moving out of lockdown there is the opportunity to camp with other Faeries at the farm for either or both weeks.

The site faerie field has space for 30 faeries to camp.

The indoor accommodation at the farm is not available so this will be camping only. You will need to bring your own bedding & tent or live-in vehicle. 

To ensure that the campsite is exclusively for Faerie use the farm will not be taking bookings directly but bookings are to be made using the faenet portal.

Cost is £10 per night which includes camping, hot showers, the camp kitchen and barn covered area. An additional £2 per day covers use of an indoor classroom space.

For more information on Paddington Farm campsite please visit the website:

The preferred payment process is for the funds to be transferred to the faerie bank account which can then be paid to the farm. 

We hope cooking can be run in small groups as usual, we can agree the details of how we use the kitchen when we gather.

It might be an idea to club together and buy some bulk wholefoods and fresh food to stock the kitchen for the duration of our stay. We could also club together and buy some firewood. If you would like to take part in this then please add an additional amount and transfer this to the faerie bank account in advance. We are planning a budget of about £4 a day for food and £??? for firewood.

Please note that it is not certain what the exact relevant health legislation and rules will be by 17th of May, however the campsite is expected to be able to reopen fully. By booking to use the campsite then you agree to comply with any applicable legislation which may include, but not limited to, limits of social group sizes, social distancing and correct use PPE where appropriate. If the campsite cannot open for any reason, then any monies paid into the faerie account will be refunded in full. 

While it may not be possible to centrally organize a full gathering at this stage, perhaps this provides us an opportunity to come together and create solutions from the individual and community level, from a bottom up rather than top down organisational pattern. Something the faeries have always been excellent at doing! 

Booking s open soon.

See you in the Faerie Field

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