What to bring

teddychairFeatherstone castle has some cosy rooms with cheery fires and warm people, but there are draughty corridors and rooms which can get quite chilly.  So bring warm clothes just in case!     Book here


There are loads of beds available but you will need to bring your own bedding; a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets.  There are pillows but you will want to bring your own pillowcase.

There are several nice baths and numerous showers at the castle. Lots of hot water is generally always available and a relaxing soak is highly recommended.  Bring a towel or two and any toiletries you need.

If you feel like dressing up, bring some fancy clothes, wigs, make-up and whatever else inspires you.  If you have fun and fabulous things to share we will have a drag room where people can root around in other folks cast off’s.

We will hold an auction to help raise money to support the gathering so if you are able to, please bring something to donate for the auction or think of a service you may be able to offer.

Some other things you might like to bring…

  • decorations for the castle (fabric, lights, art etc)
  • musical instrument
  • an offering for the altar
  • a flash-light
  • book to read
  • games to play

If you have further questions you can contact us at

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