Featherstone Autumn Gathering 2022 Call continued

Countryside at Featherstone
Looking out from the castle

There is usually a lot going on at gatherings and though we are encouraged to participate in activities we do need to remember to look after ourselves. It is good to find a quiet moment to check-in and make sure you are taking care of yourself. There will be WellFaeries at the gathering who will be introduced to the community so that you know you can always have a chat in confidence, be held and listened to.

WHAT TO BRING: The castle can be cold at this time of the year. Bring along bed sheets, a pillow case and a warm sleeping bag or duvet. Also bring warm clothing, waterproof outdoor clothes, walking boots and a torch. Some faeries travelling by public transport will not be able to physically carry that much, so if you are coming in your own mode of transport and are able to do so, please bring spare heaters and sleeping bags. You will need your own towel.

ALTAR: At the beginning of the gathering we set up the Altar. This is a space where you can place a special item that has significance for you. Please bring something with you – a favourite picture, something from nature, a piece of writing, or anything that has personal attachment for you.

AUCTION: Albion Faerie gatherings are non-profit making. To enable us to continue with the very special tradition of NOTAFLOF (No One will be Turned Away For Lack Of Funds), and to help us cover any gathering losses, we hold two auctions. The first is the sale of services. Examples of this maybe a card reading, a head massage or a face painting session. So please consider if you might be able to volunteer a service?

The second auction will mostly be items for sale such as personally handmade artworks and unwanted presents. Please ensure items are in good enough condition that they won’t be rejected even by a charity shop.

NO-TALENT SHOW: This a fun, non-competitive evening where anyone gets the chance to perform to their community. You need absolutely zero talent to be in the show but you will need your sheet music, cds, Mp3s, instruments and anything else that is part of your act. So please remember to bring them with you.

FOOD: All meals will be vegetarian and vegan. Help in the kitchen is always needed and appreciated. If you are considering offering to cook a meal and will need a special or rare ingredient for that dish then do think ahead and bring it along. Also, if you have special dietary needs please tell us well in advance so we can adjust the shopping. If your dietary needs are exceptionally difficult (e.g. a severe/life threatening allergy that cannot be included in common vegetarian meal ingredients) there is a second kitchen in the Annex that the organisers can make available for you to produce your own food. Again, please talk to us sooner rather than later!

THIS IS YOUR EVENT: A Radical Faerie gathering is, first and foremost, a collaborative effort. This is your shared co-created community event. As organisers we will offer some guidance but ultimately you have the power to make it happen. Nobody should go away feeling there weren’t enough heart circles, rituals, dancing/social events and so on at the gathering. We want you be feel empowered enough to set up what you want to do when you feel called to do so. As a community you have the magic to create what you want!
This also applies to keeping the building running smoothly. We are our own staff. Along with the all the tons of fun and partying that you will undoubtedly have, contributions towards helping keeping the gathering flowing are much appreciated. This can include assistance in cooking meals, chopping wood for the fires and keeping the castle – your home for the week – clean throughout the gathering. And for every community-contributing working adventure you are involved in, the drag room offers you a new outfit every time!

THE DRAG ROOM: For many faeries drag is an important part of a gathering. We love the expression, creativity, liberation and outrageous fabulousness that drag offers. The gathering is a place to experiment and free yourself from the norms of outside society. So there is a drag room at the castle that will be stocked with items from the Faerie Drag Bag, to which you are welcome to bring new drag to add! Any faeries that would like to offer to help keep the drag room under control or set up a beauty salon within the drag room are encouraged to do so. Some faeries might require a little guidance in doing their slap or choosing an outfit. The room can begin to look like the whole cast of Drag Race have exploded, and does need a little tidying up throughout the gathering.

THE LOVE TEMPLE: Is a safe space which can be used by faeries for intimate connections. A consent workshop will be run before it opens. It is also used to host rituals and workshops with varying degrees of intimacy. Donations of lube, condoms, gloves etc. are always appreciated, as are extra pillows, cushions and materials to decorate it.

ACCESSIBILITY: The Castle was originally built in the 12th Century with extensive additions and remodelling being most recently added in the 19th Century. There are lots of steps and stairs. If this will be a problem for you please contact the organisers as soon as possible so we can offer what assistance is available. We will do everything we can to support and facilitate your presence at the gathering.

ARRIVAL – IMPORTANT: The Gathering will be open for registered faeries from midday on Tuesday 11th October, please do NOT arrive at the castle any time before noon on Tuesday 11th October. If you hear of people planning to ‘just turn up’ without registering, please discourage them! We are making catering plans based on the numbers we are expecting, also there may be no sleeping space for them. And most importantly, those that ‘just turn up’ are being disrespectful to those hoping to get a place if the gathering has a waiting list.

CANCELLATIONS: Please inform the organisers immediately if for any reason you have to cancel. This is so we can offer your place to others should there be a waiting list. You can do this via your original Faenet booking form, or email faerieuk@gmail.com.

DEPARTURE: The last night of the gathering is Wednesday 19th October. All faeries must leave the castle by midday on Thursday 20th October.

The cost of this gathering will be £30 per faerie, per night. (£23 for castle rent, £7 for food and other expenses eg firewood). If you plan on coming for the full 9 days, the cost will be £270. If you are able to pay more than this it helps make it possible for people on low incomes to attend. The suggested contribution is £300 for the whole gathering.

As faeries we are radical in our approach of No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds (NOTAFLOF) – we want you to come, and we don’t want financial hierarchies to prevent your spirit from joining us! This means that if you genuinely cannot afford to pay the breakeven amount, you are encouraged to pay what you can; the deficit will be made up by the generosity of other faeries – a wonderful initiative that we must treat with the utmost respect. We encourage the principle of GAYABAGS (Give As You’re Able But Always Give Something).
Gold-Winged Faeries Please Read! If you can afford to pay an extra donation over your gathering fee this helps us to balance the books! This is the ADAFAE policy (Additional Donations And Finance Accepted Enthusiastically), if you can give more than the suggested daily donation please do and share your love!

Please make your payment in advance of the Gathering if possible.

PayPal link: www.paypal.me/albionfaeries – please select “Paying Friends or Family” rather than “Goods or Services”, so that we don’t get charged a fee.


Transfer your payment to:
Cooperative Bank Account: Faerie – UK
Account Number: 65488214
Sort code: 08-92-99
Please give the payment reference in the format: FA22 and your faerie name if you have one, e.g. FA22 Tinkerbell, or just FA22, we will see your legal/banking name anyway.

For transfers from outside the UK you will need the following:
IBAN: GB75 CPBK 0892 9965 4882 14
Bank Identification code: CPBK GB22

You may pay in cash at the gathering, but this is our least preferred option, as it is less secure, and creates extra work for the Fi-Nancy.

TRAVELLING TO THE GATHERING: If you are planning to travel by train you can find useful information on the Albion website:
A very cheap alternative to the train is National Express or Megabus to Newcastle/Carlisle. From there it’s a half hour train ride to Haltwhistle.

The castle is about 3 miles from Haltwhistle station. Taxis are approx £10. If you find yourself on the same train or arriving within 20 minutes of other faeries then taxi sharing can cut costs significantly. The local taxis can be slow going at times, so please be patient.

Car Sharing: You can also post rides wanted and offered on the car sharing discussion on the Faenet event page.
BlaBlaCar: https://blablacar.co.uk/is one of the leading car sharing services.
If you are OK travelling with non faeries then a suggestion is to use this to offer rides and look for rides.

If you are picked up from the station by a faerie it is good karma to offer them a little petrol money!

CAMPING and CAMPER VANS: We gather in October, so camping could be a cold and wet experience for the less-hardened faerie. But if you would like to camp in the castle grounds, we are permitted up to 10 tents. If you plan to live in a camper van during the gathering, this is also an option.

DOGS: If you are planning to bring a dog please contact the organisers immediately. Not every faerie is comfortable around dogs, so we are asking dog owners to be responsible for their animals, to keep them quiet and to keep them out of both the Kitchen and Dining Hall. Whether dogs are permitted in workshop spaces, circles etc will be negotiated at the gathering.


Much love from your FeathersHOME: Autumn 22 organising team

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